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About Trzuskawica

Since 2003 we constitute a part of the CRH concern and thanks to the fact that they are present for almost 40 years on the market, we are also a building market leader. Since 1910, Trzuskawica S.A. is successfully extracting the limestone and producing lime of the highest quality which we are providing to such sectors as: construction, environmental protection, energetics, metallurgy, agriculture, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry and other. Trzuskawica is employing about 300 employees, extracting about 3.5 m. ton of limestone, about 0.4 m. ton of granite and about 0.3 m. ton of basalt as well as we are producing about 650 000 ton of lime and about 300 000 ton of limestone flou...

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    Sitkówka Plant

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    Kujawy Plant

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    Targowica Basalt Quarry