Self-service weighing system

In August 2012 the company implemented self-service system on all weighbridges and entrance gates at Sitkówka plant (head office). Drivers use RFID or one-time codes and in such a way they can independently enter the plant and weigh themselves. Self-service terminals are equipped with intercom connected with the Customer Service, which watch on the correct course of operation.

The system is integrated with the electronic control of loadings implemented in 2010. In case of aggregates loading, driver can stay in one’s cabin all the time, not leaving a car even for a moment. This implementation allowed to significantly reduce the service time of drivers (stay on the weighbridge has averagely shortened from 3.5 minutes to 8-10 seconds) as well as it has increased the productivity in the area of customer service.

Drivers who are holding permanent authorizations for goods collection can presently report their arrival over the phone (telephone number to Customer Service is placed on RFID) and they do not have to queue up in the Customer Service building. After obtaining the acceptance of a Customer Service employee, driver can drive directly to the entrance gate.

B2B portal for Customers

In June 2013 the company has started the Internet self-service B2B portal dedicated to the major customers. The portal is an integrated part of ERP system. Customers are able to order products and view system information related to their account on their own (order schedule and history, financial status, invoice and despath docket copies in printable format etc.).

The project is merged to weighbridge and loading automation as a part of 3-step self-service plan. As a result clients are able to control the status of their trucks and receive notifications once the loading process is finished.For customers who want to actively use it, there is an option to create loading tickets (collections) and this way to eliminate the need of contact with the Customer Service Department.

The portal is a free of charge tool and is constantly improved. In the near future, Trzuskawica S.A. is planning to make it available for hauliers and simplify management of driver’s authorisations as well as speed up dispatch process.