Integrated Management System


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Integrated Quality, Environmental and Energy Management System complies with the requirements of the following norms:

  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements”,
  • PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 “Environmental Management Systems – Specification with Guidance for Use”,
  • PN-EN ISO 50001:2012 “Power Management Systems. Requirements and Guidance for Use.”

Book of the Integrated Quality, Environmental and Energy Management System

It also presents principles and means of realization of particular requirements of norms:

  • PN-EN 459-3:2011 – Building Lime. Part 3: Conformity Assessment,
  • PN-EN 12620+A1:2010 – Aggregates to Concrete,
  • PN-EN 13043:2004 – Aggregates to bituminous mixtures and surface treatments applied on roads, airports as well as other surfaces intended for traffic,
  • PN-EN 13242+A1:2010 – Aggregates to unbound and hydraulically bound materials applied in civil structures and road construction,
  • PN-EN 13383-1:2003 – Stone for hydrotechnical works. Part 1: Requirements.

Quality and Environmental Management System

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Quality Management System, which complies with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 norm, ensure the fulfillment of requirements of customers as well as all our interested parties and the permanent improvement of the quality of goods produced by TRZUSKAWICA S.A. This System enables to conduct the efficient and effective business activity which allows to keep the leading position on the market and adjust to the requirements of TRZUSKAWICA S.A. business partners.

We care about environment

Implementation of Environmental Management System in TRZUSKAWICA S.A., which complies with PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 norm, constitutes the support for activities associated with the environmental protection and prevention of environmental pollution. Environmental Management System allows to identify the environmental aspects and estimate the influence of the operations of the Company on natural environment.

Through the implementation of Quality and Environmental Management System in TRZUSKAWICA S.A. we would like to:

  • streamline our operations and constantly improve the Company as well as adapt to changing conditions on the market,
  • achieve the appropriate flow of information in the Company, improve the internal and external communication,
  • ensure the sustainable development of the Company,
  • improve the quality of products and services,
  • identify and optimize production processes,
  • enable data collection and take strategic decisions regarding the development of the Company on their base,
  • fulfill legal and other requirements,
  • limite harmful emissions into air,
  • rationally use natural resources,
  • achieve incessant process of the improvement of the Company by launching corrective, preventive and improving action,
  • improve the competitiveness and corporate image on the market,
  • increase the confidence of current and future customers and business partners of TRZUSKAWICA S.A.

Effective Policies

As part of the conducted Quality and Environmental Policy, TRZUSKAWICA S.A. guarantees to deliver products which are compatible with requirements of applicable norms and which meet the requirements and expectations of Customers.

Environmental Aspects

In TRZUSKAWICA S.A. Sitkówka Plant the following substantial environmental aspects were identified:

  • SO2
  • CO2
  • CO2 during lime burning

Energy Management System

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Costs of energy, its effectiveness and impact on the environment have a primary importance on the whole world, in particular in manufacturing sectors which are using large quantities of energy. That is why it is important to take action which allow to reduce the costs of energy, increase the energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

We reduce CO2 emissions
Through the implementation of Energy Management System in TRZUSKAWICA S.A., which complies with PN-EN ISO 50001:2012 norm, we would like to:
  • reduce costs by reducing the power consumption and organized identification, measurement and management of power consumption,
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions – meet expectations of stakeholders, as well as all applicable requirements, both now as well as in the past,
  • secure energy supplies – understand threats associated with energy and identify areas of the company which are most exposed,
  • innovation – a low-emission economy means creating the possibility for prospective new products and services,
  • ensure the compliance with present and future legal requirements as well as regulations concerning the improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

TRZUSKAWICA S.A. is planning to reduce the annual power consumption, for every Mg of product, about 2%.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency, that is simply energy saving, is not only a way of reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases thanks to reduction of energy production, but it is also a real source of economy. Energy saving should above all rely on its rational or most optimum wear and tear, rather than on denying oneself some basic comforts, such as warmth at home or lighting.

We save energy

Within last 10 years, the intense progress took place in Poland in the energy efficiency. More and more often we realize that a smaller energy production means a smaller pollution and destruction of the natural environment.

Energy aspects

In TRZUSKAWICA S.A. Sitkówka Plant the following substantial energy aspects were identified:

  • technological water
  • electrical energy (electricity)
  • solid fuel
  • compressed air