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TRZUSKAR binder is a mineral hydraulic binder consisting of binding materials and active pozzolanic fillers. TRZUSKAR binder is produced on the base of:
– powdered quicklime from the processing of calcareous rocks,
– fly ashes from the burnt coal,
– secondary additions.
TRZUSKAR binder is intended in communications engineering (for improving weak ground and useful ground accepted conditionally at construction of bases of embankments and layers of embankments, to the improved base of the surface, to the bottom layer of subsidiary and fundamental substructure carried out in the technology of stabilization with hydraulic binders of aggregates and blends) as well as it can be applied in the civil engineering (at the levelling and macrolevelling of areas, at adapting to the requirements of environmental protection of ground or raw materials, to liquidation of fire hazards, to the road building and walkway and shared zone, to the building of internal roads).

SITKÓWKA PLANT – Products (trade name):

Hydraulic binder, calcareous TRZUSKAR HSD 5

Hydraulic binder, calcareous TRZUSKAR HSD 12,5

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