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Oxide lime fertilizer


Lime fertilizer is intended to all kinds of cultivation in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and fruit farming in order to make a soil deacidification, improve its structure, fertility and chemical composition. It is possible to apply it on all soil, however in case of oxide lime fertilizer it is mainly recommended to use it on heavy and slaking soils, which reaction is changing very slowly and this soil is characterized by a high buffer ability. Due to the greater concentration of calcium oxide, oxide lime fertilizer is applied in smaller amounts in comparison to carbonate lime.
One should remember that sowing of oxide lime fertilizer shall be made on a dry soil, during the sunny weather, due to its high hygroscopicity. Immediately after sowing the oxide lime fertilizer one should mix it with soil..

Packaging and customizing

Lime fertilizer is available in bulks directly to the means of transport and on request in sacks of “big-bag” type.


Product should be transported and stored in conditions protecting against moisture and pollution.

SITKÓWKA PLANT – Product (trade name):

AgroBIELIK 50, lime fertilizer variety 04, 50% CaO (carbonate)

AgroBIELIK 70, lime fertilizer variety 02 (oxide), in bulks

KUJAWY PLANT – Product (trade name):

AgroBIELIK 90, lime fertilizer variety 01, 90% CaO (oxide)

AgroBIELIK 60, lime fertilizer variety 03, 60% CaO (oxide)

AgroBIELIK 50, lime fertilizer variety 04, 50% CaO, in bulks