This year’s edition of the charity run on 5 km “Piątka dla Bartka”, organised on 13 May 2018, was held with our participation. Trzuskawica company was strenuously represented by its employees: Ewelina Miłocha, Michał Buras and Wojciech Różański.

The presence, exceptional atmosphere and help given to Bartek are most important here. This boy, with everlasting smile on his face, is 7 years old. He was born without his left foot. His parents – Karolina and Damian decided to make every effort to make Bartek be able to run. This is a way in which “Biegnę, żeby Bartek mógł biegać” (en. “I’m running to let Bartek run”) action came into existence. From year to year, the distance of the charity run was longer, as well as the number of people running in T-shirts with the watchword of this action. The great “Family” of Bartek consists already of over 1000 people. Everybody who is promoting the action is helping the boy, who needs the money for the purchase of very expensive prostheses. Unfortunately, they shall be replaced very often, because Bartek is shooting up. Thanks to the support of such a numerous group, it is successful.

Financial means obtained from the organization of “Piątka dla Bartka” run will be allocated to prostheses and rehabilitation of Bartek Orzechowski.