On 10 July 2017 from the initiative of the Leadership Team, the next 6S action was organized in Sitkówka Plant in the area of the main gate. This action was connected with celebrations of 365 days without accident in Sitkówka Plant.
In the morning the employees were positively surprised as on the gates and in the office they could help themselves to apples from local orchards – healthy snack to the packed lunch. On 11:00, before 6S action, everybody could eat a slice of the occasional cake and then start the work.
The action included i.a.:
– cleaning dust, mud, sweeping up stairs and pavements,
– collecting waste,
– mowing lawns,
– cleaning weighing bridges and Precia desktops,
– painting the edge of pavements,
– washing fences and pavement in the area of changing room.
The entire Leadership Team and employees of the plant, who could break of from their workstations, took part in the action.