Integrated Management System

We supply products for various sectors such as construction, civil engineering, environmental protection, agriculture and steel sectors.

Since 1910 we have been successfully extracting limestone and producing lime of the highest quality, which is used in the following sectors: construction, civil engineering, energy, steel, agriculture, chemical sector, environmental protection, as well as in paper industry and others.

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The Integrated Quality, Environmental and Energy Management System complies with the requirements of the following standards:

  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10

    Quality Management Systems – Requirements

  • PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09

    Environmental Management Systems – Requirements and Guidelines

  • PN-EN ISO 50001:2018-09

    Energy Management Systems. Requirements and recommendations regarding the use

The system also outlines the regulations and ways of implementing individual requirements of the standards:

  • PN-EN 459-3:2015-06

    Building lime. Part 3: Compliance assessment

  • PN-EN 12620+A1:2010

    Aggregates for concrete

  • PN-EN 13043:2004

    Aggregates for bituminous and surface coating mixes used for roads, airfields and other surfaces dedicated for traffic

  • PN-EN 13242+A1:2010

    Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials used in civil engineering and road construction

  • PN-EN 13383-1:2003

    Stone for hydrotechnical works. Part 1: Requirements

Quality and Environmental Management System

Quality Management System, in compliance with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 standard ensures that all requirements of both the customers and our stakeholders are met and ensures constant improvement of quality of our products. The system enables effective and successful business activities to maintain leading position on the market and to adapt to the requirements of business partners of Trzuskawica S.A.

Implementation of the Environmental Management System in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09 standard in Trzuskawica S.A. supports environmental and pollution prevention activities. The System allows us to identify environmental aspects and estimates impact of the company's activities on the environment.

By implementing Quality and Environmental Management System, we aim for:

  • improving company's activities and adapting to changing market conditions,
  • proper flow of information within the group, improving internal and external communication,
  • ensuring company's sustainability,
  • improving quality of products and services,
  • identification and optimization of production processes,
  • providing data collection and, on its basis, making strategic decisions on company’s further development,
  • compliance with legal and other requirements,
  • reducing harmful gases emissions,
  • constant process of improving performance of the company by implementing corrective, preventive and improving actions,
  • improving competitiveness and company image on the market,
  • increasing the trust of current and future customers and business partners of Trzuskawica S.A.

Our Policies

Trzuskawica S.A., under its Energy Policy, guarantees that it is taking the actions to reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Environmental Aspects

The following significant environmental aspects have been identified in Trzuskawica S.A.

Sitkówka Plant

Gas emissions during lime burning process: SO2, CO, CO2.

Kujawy Plant

Gas emissions during lime burning process: dust, SO2, NO2, CO, CO2, TOC, metals.

Energy Management System

Energy costs, its efficiency and its impact on the environment are key issues worldwide nowadays, particularly in industries with high energy-consumption ratio. It is, therefore, necessary to take proper measures to reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency, or simply energy saving, is not only a way to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy production, but it is also a real source of savings. Energy saving should be all about using it sensibly and in an optimal way, not denying yourself basic comforts such as home heating or lighting.

By implementing Energy Management System in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 50001:2018-09 standard, we aim for:

  • reducing costs by reducing energy consumption and a sensible approach to energy identification, its measurement and its management,
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions – meeting stakeholders' expectations, as well as all the requirements imposed both now and in the past,
  • securing energy supplies – understanding the risks related to energy and identifying most vulnerable areas in this matter in the company,
  • innovation – low-emission economy means creating opportunities for new products and services in the future,
  • ensuring compliance with current and future legal requirements and regulations in terms of improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Trzuskawica S.A. is planning to reduce its annual energy consumption per Mg of the ready-made product by about 2%.

Our Policies

Trzuskawica S.A., under its Energy Policy, guarantees both delivery of products that comply with all requirements of applicable standards and meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Energy Aspects

The following significant energy aspects have been identified in Trzuskawica S.A.:

technological water,
solid fuel,
compressed air.


Sitkówka Plant
Kujawy Plant
Targowica Quarry


Contact the specialist

Piotr Różycki

Aggregate Sales Manager

(+48) 509-704-078

Tomasz Wilczkowski

Construction and Agriculture Manager

(+48) 507-143-070

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